BeeLine Questionnaire

Because we are a small business in high demand, it is difficult for us to make it out to every estimate in person, but we certainly understand if you would like us to do so, and we will at your request.

Technology has the ability to save everyone time, and more often than not, this questionnaire is all we need to provide you with a flat-rate quote and the exceptional service we are known for. And if we want to take it a step further, phone conversations, online real estate listings that have pics, texting or emailing pics, FaceTime or Skype - all of these modern innovations can be utilized and have been extraordinarily effective with the quoting process.

We prefer to trust you'll honor your commitment to moving with us and thus rarely take deposits. Last minute cancellations leave us all without work and can cost us dearly. We also give flat rates based on the information you provide, so please be as accurate as possible.

We give flat rates based on the information you provide, so please be as accurate as possible to avoid any potential conflicts on move day.

Note: Please don't book with us unless you are 100% certain that you will need our services and have an established moving date. We count on you to provide accurate information.

Quoting for junk removal is handled separately from moving and packing services

We know BeeLine is not the cheapest moving company out there. We're not the most expensive either. What we are though, is the best. Why? Because we are a band of brothers. Please feel free to take a look at what they are saying about us.

One last thought: You're hiring great movers, but there's a'd be hard pressed to find a cooler, more compassionate bunch of guys in a moving truck :-)