BeeLine is not out there moving your belongings alone. As our business has grown, we have found the need to partner with other highly respected companies to get all of our jobs done in a timely manner. In particular, we often collaborate with them for long-distance moves, moves in Connecticut, and moves in New York City heading northward.

These days, most moving companies use subcontractors because it is so difficult to grow a company with all of the regulatory hurdles and expenses, especially in New York State. Often, a moving company tries to pass a subcontractor off as its own crew by outfitting the workers with its branded shirts. You never really know what you're getting. This practice is obviously deceptive, and it most definitely does not jibe with us. At BeeLine, transparency is the only way.

If one of our collaborating companies is handling your move, please rest assured that you will be receiving the exceptional service you have read about in our reviews. You will be told in advance who is doing your move on our behalf and, for simplicity's sake, the Bill of Lading will be theirs. And if you do not already have insurance set up, you will have an option to purchase a plan through them on the day of the move.

We are confident that future reviews will continue to reflect the high-quality service we are known for. Everyone who works with us is equally motivated to make our collaboration the most trusted team effort in the moving industry.

Ultimately, though, it is BeeLine's reputation on the line, and we would never risk losing the trust of our clients by sending a crew we do not have 100 percent confidence in. You and your belongings are in very good hands no matter whose name is on their shirts.

Brendan Mullally
Owner, BeeLine Moving & Hauling, LLC