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Packing Services

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The prep work going into a move can be more of a challenge than the move itself. Before loading the truck, all of your belongings should be well protected, wrapped and otherwise secure (see checklist). Packing for a move requires skill and forethought. Before taking on the task yourself, consider studying up on it, especially if you have fine china and other breakable pieces that are precious to you. Things get jostled in trucks on the move, and there is only so much a careful mover can do to ensure the protection of your goods. The rest of the responsibility falls on the skill of the packer.

Our Hudson Valley packers have experience packing items ranging from everyday household goods to Vatican private art collections, works by Andy Warhol and collections belonging to celebrities including Prince, Oprah Winphrey and Clint Eastwood.

We have specialists with more than thirty years' experience packing for museums and fine furniture, jewelry and art dealers. Their clients include Sotheby's, Steinway and Sons, Tiffany, Ethan Allen, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Referrals can be found below.

Our custom packing and packaging services include:

  • Fine arts packing
  • Fine finish wrapping for overseas shipping or long-term storage
  • Partial to full packs
  • Specialized packing of such items as gilded mirrors, Venetian chandeliers, electronics, collections, models, and heirlooms.
  • Engineering available.

Please visit our gallery to see some of the items our packers have worked with and some of the work they've done. If you decide to do your own packing, refer to our checklist for the best boxes at the best price.