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Junk For Charity

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Hauling junk is one thing.

If you don't care about the environment, don't care about people who need things, you just pick up someone's junk and take it to the landfill.

End of story.

But it's just not that simple for BeeLine Moving & Hauling and owner Brendan Mullally.

Not that simple at all.

When Brendan first got into the moving & hauling business, he quickly learned that it was a little heart-breaking. Whether he was hauling other people's junk or moving their possessions to a new home, unwanted furniture was often in the mix.

On nearly every job, he came across perfectly good but unwanted dressers, beds, chairs, kitchen items and children's toys that would get trashed and take up unnecessary space in our landfills.

Thus, the idea for Junk for Charity was born. Brendan set out to find local charities that could direct these items to people in need, charities like Hudson River Housing of Poughkeepsie, which helps the newly homeless relocate. Together, they developed a plan for recycling "junk" that could be used by these desperate families.

Since that beginning in 2010, storage units have been donated to the cause so that furniture can be stored until it is matched up with families in rehousing programs throughout the Hudson Valley. When a needy recipient is found, the furniture is delivered to them by BeeLine absolutely free of charge.

In this economy, the need for such a service can't be overstated. The rate of family homelessness has risen rapidly. And, unfortunately, the number of battered women who find themselves in need of shelter continues to rise. When such families are placed in apartments and helped to get on their feet, they can't afford to buy furniture, let alone find a way to get it to their new home.

Not long ago, Brendan made a delivery to an apartment where a single mother and her infant were sleeping on the floor. You can't imagine how wonderful it was to provide that woman and her baby with a comfortable bed to sleep in, a table to eat at, a couch to sit on.

For the needy, the service provided by BeeLine Moving & Hauling is a godsend.

For the donors, having junk hauled off is suddenly a tax write-off - and a feel-good one at that.

For the landfills, it is a much needed break.

It is a win-win-win - for the recipients, for the donors, and for the environment.