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This move was EPIC and we could not have done it without Beeline.

The move was scheduled for Saturday the 15 of February but because of the weather it was delayed by one day. The time was decided to be at 8 o'clock Sunday morning. To our surprise Beeline was there at 7:45. There was a crew of 5 men to move our very large house. After introductions they wasted no time but got right to work. They only slowed down when we offered them some morning coffee (after 2 hours). By this time they had almost all the boxes loaded, approximately 350 boxes. These were a mix of the small, medium and large size U-Haul brand cardboard boxes. For the record, I collect comic books and hardcover first editions and they showed a lot of care with all our collectibles. My wife has a knack for finding and acquiring plush, well made HEAVY furniture and despite this, the BeeLine crew made it look effortless. By 1 o'clock my wife made them stop for lunch where they took a brief 20 minute break and went back to work. For the next five hours they packed three trucks to bursting with all manner of furniture, belongings and even a moose head in the front seat of one truck. When we arrived at our destination, which was an hour and a half away, my wife had called ahead to have dinner waiting. Again, WE made them break for a meal and after another 20 minute break, Rick had them back unloading the trucks. Let me state that our new home is a 1900's farmhouse and has three floors. The master suite is on the third floor. Now remember I mentioned the boxes of books? And HEAVY furniture? The guys never once complained about the walkup, or the tight turns or the cold, nor did they ever once lose their professionalism. In fact, they looked out for each other and Rick would rotate the crew to make sure that the work was evenly distributed and the manpower best used for the job at hand. I cannot recommend Beeline Moving & Hauling enough. The job had started at 7:45 am, Sunday morning and finished for us, not them, at 2:35 am Monday morning. Beeline moved my family in one day because of our three children and our pets, to minimize their stress and ours. A week later, we are almost unpacked and not one thing is broken or missing. This move was EPIC and we could not have done it without Beeline. Thanks for making the impossible, possible.
- Christopher Hughes, Middletown

There was 1 ft. of snow on the ground and the temperature was 16F.

I can't say enough great things about Beeline Moving as well as Brendan and his team. Moving is such a stressful time and this moving team helped make this move so much easier. Everyone was highly professional, friendly and extremely careful when moving our belongings in what were not such ideal conditions (there was 1 ft. of snow on the ground and the temperature was 16F). Even after a very long day and making two trips with the moving truck, rather than running out the door, they insisted we go room by room and made sure everything was exactly where we wanted it and set up correctly. I would not hesitate using his services again and recommend Beeline Moving!! Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes
- Melissa Loehle, Highland Mills

They are movers, ‘got junk,’ and the salvation army all rolled into one

Beeline Moving has done several moves for me. They have been professional and caring every time, and this move was no exception. Brendan is an energetic guy who grew up in the area, and hires guys who are just as responsible and personable as he is. They have done their best to make every move of mine as painless as possible, and of course moving is never painless... They not only do moves; they also donate or discard things that are not wanted any more, which means that they are movers, ‘got junk,’ and the salvation army all rolled into one. If you need a mover, call them! I can't recommend them highly enough.
- Rebecca Armstrong, Highland

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