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Default moving and hauling company page photoA Thriving Hive of Worker Bees at BeeLine

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running an exceptional moving company, it’s that it can’t be done without exceptional movers. A successful move requires great skill, stamina, grace and mental acuity. And because these jobs can be demanding for long periods of time, a good mover needs both emotional and physical strength.

That’s what BeeLine has become known for – its workers. I’m constantly amazed at how dedicated, positive, cordial and professional the BeeLine movers are. I hear about it from our customers all the time.

In the reviews we get, we see some of the best words in the English language including graceful, miraculous, epic, honorable, meticulous, professional, courteous, funny, helpful, knowledgeable, intelligent, strong, fun, entertaining – you get the idea.

The BeeLine crews love what they do. If you don’t think it’s possible to have a taste for carrying heavy stuff, then you need to hire us to see for yourself. It’s really quite something to watch.

Mission Statement
We love what we do.
- Brendan
Brendan and his crew did an incredible job on a difficult and complicated move. We have a lot of heavy furniture, art and antiques, and they wrapped each piece with blankets and treated them with care.

Every person we came into contact with was professional and a pleasure to deal with. The move took almost three days, but the stress level was mitigated by the good spirits of the crew, which never waned.

The trucks were expertly loaded, as were the climate-controlled units Brendan found for us. Every inch of space was utilized to hold down costs. Brendan kept to his original estimate even though the job took longer than anticipated – no shortcuts were taken and he delivered on every single thing he promised.

At the end of the move, items we could no longer use were donated to Junk for Charity, Brendan's wise and compassionate program to give to the needy.

Brendan and BeeLine Moving went above and beyond to make this job easier for us, and they succeeded. We will use them again in any future move, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
- Bruce Murkoff, Stone Ridge, NY